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We are committed to developing and operating websites that actively enable the participation of the building and construction industry to use building materials that reduce the ecological impact our built environment has. Exner Investments PL also operates Recycle Build’s sister website - Greenbuild.com.au that specialises in the promotion of energy efficient, water efficient and eco friendly building materials in Tropical Australia. See www.greenbuild.com.au.

Recyclebuild is an online trading website only and does not stock any of the products shown in advertisements. You must contact the seller directly using the contact details on the their advertisements.

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Phone: +61 7 4053 1274
Fax: +61 7 4032 5431
Mobile: 0417 713 634
Email: email/admin)(recyclebuild.com.au
Mail: PO Box 952, Edge Hill, QLD, Australia

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Please use the email service below to make contact with us. Please feel welcome to report any difficulties you may be having with the website. We also welcome any feedback that you may have about our website.


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