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DEFINITIONS - Recycle Build

What qualifies as discounted building materials?
A price that is 20% or more below the recommended retail price.

What qualifies as superseded building materials?
Outdated by new technology, fashion, new stock replacement selling at a discount price.

What qualifies as slow moving building materials?
Stock that is needing to be cleared from storage, selling at a discount price.

What qualifies as excess building materials?
Over-ordered, wrongly ordered, wrongly made, no longer required, selling at a discount price.

What qualifies as secondhand building materials?
Used and selling at a discount price.

What qualifies as recycled building materials?
Where more than 20% of the material is sourced from recycled materials.

What qualifies as able to be recycled building materials?
Material that can be re-processed for a future use.

What qualifies as left over site materials?
Building site excess. Left over from the construction process.

What qualifies as manufacturer defect building materials?
Not made to order, material carries a mistake, selling at a discounted price.

What qualifies as damaged building materials?
Building materials from manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers selling at a discount price.

What qualifies as damaged building materials?
Manufacturers defect, broken, knocked, scraped, selling at a discount price.

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What forms of payments are accepted?

Credit card (Visa, Bankcard, Master Card), Direct Deposit into the Recycle Build bank account and cheque.

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How safe is it to use my credit card over the internet?

The agreement between Recycle Build, St George Bank and E-Way is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. E-Way is one of Australia’s leading internet payment gateway providers. In partnership, this website offers a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data; encrypts transmissions using SSL technology and tracks and monitors all access to network resources and cardholder data, For more information visit PCI compliance. See our Use Policy for more information.

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When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged as soon as you click the PAY button. The bank will then confirm the transaction. If you do not receive notification, do not trigger a multiple transaction by using the PAY button again. Contact your bank and determine the result of original transaction first.

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How do I pay by Direct Deposit?

Once you have nominated on the website that your payment is by direct deposit, you will be emailed the bank details you need to make the direct deposit, including a payment reference number. You can then make your direct deposit using your banks internet banking facility. You can also go to your local bank branch and make a direct deposit into our account over the counter. When your deposit is made you must quote the reference number that is issued to you on the email. The money can take up to 24 hours to be received into our bank account. Once it is received, we will credit your account and notify you by email so you can start to advertise on the website.

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How do I pay by cheque?

Once you have nominated on the website that your payment is by cheque, you will be emailed the details you need to make out the cheque, including a payment reference number. Please ensure that the payment reference number is on the reverse side of the cheque before you post it to us. Once the bank has cleared the payment, we will credit your account and notify you by email so that you can start to use the website.

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Direct Deposit Payments and cheque payments: when will I receive Credit into my account to use?

Direct Deposit payments can take a few working days to clear into our account and payment by cheque will need time for the postal service, banking and clearing into our accounts. If we have not received your payment within 14 days, we will alert you by email, requesting that you follow up your banking details. For further details, see our Use Policy.

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What is 'Credit'

After you have paid money your account is credited. You can view details concerning the purchase and spending of your credits through ‘My Account’. See the Use Policy for more details about credit.

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How long does Credit last?

Credits will be held for two years from the purchase date. Any unused credit will expire on the second anniversary of it's purchase. We will notify you if your unused credit is due to expire. See the Use Policy for details about our Refund Policy.

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Can I see my Ads before they go live?

Yes, you have a full preview of your advertisement before you submit it for advertising.

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How do I renew my advertisements?

To give your advertisement a longer time period for selling on the website go to My Account then View Items. Choose your advertisement that requires renewal and click on 'renew'. Choose how many more months you would like the advertising to renew for.

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How often can I edit my Advertisement?

You can edit your advertisement as often as you want to. You might decide to change it to help your item sell. You cannot introduce a new item by editing an advertisement. A new item requires you place a new advertisement. Please see our Use Policy.

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I have sold my item, how do I remove it?

From the ‘My Account’ menu, choose ‘Remove Sold Item’ This will bring up all of your advertisements. Choose the advertisement you would like to remove. Click on the ‘Remove’ button.

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How can I see an old advertisement that has been removed?

Search a category or an area. At the bottom of the list - click onto "Expired Advertisements". If you are a seller, go to My Account. Then go to View Expired Items.

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How can I reinstate a removed advertisement?

Go to My Account and click View Expired Items. Choose the advertisement that you would like to re-instate. Click 'renew' on this advertisement.

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Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time by email or fax. See contact us.

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How do I update my account details?

Go to My Account and Update My Details. Simply enter the changes and submit.

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Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can register as many times as you wish. You might have one registration and account for your work and another for at home.

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What is the refund policy?

Any refunds of advertising or credit purchases are at the discretion of the administrators of Recycle Build and should you believe that your case warrants a refund it should be submitted to the administrators of Recycle Build for consideration. For further details, see our Use Policy.

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Can I change my username to login to my account?

Yes, if you need to change your username for your security, go to My Account and Update My Details. Simply enter the new username changes and submit.

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I have forgotten my username and or password?

Your username and password will have appeared on the welcome email that was emailed to you when you registered. Your username can also be your email address. Try to login. Below the login is a prompt “Forgot your password’. Click it. The process will allow you to re-set your password. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

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Are my personal details going to remain private?

Yes. Only the administrator of this website has your personal details that you recorded upon registration for your account. The only details that are visible to the public are those that you choose to convey when you are advertising an item for sale.

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How does the scorecard work?

The scorecard is used to help us monitor misuses of the website. The scorecard results can only be viewed by the administrators of this website. A buyer answers 5 questions with a yes, no or not sure. The scorecard rates the answers. You will find the scorecard link shown on each item advertisement. You can only scorecard an item if you have registered for an account. You don't have to place any advertising on the website to use the scorecard. If you are trying to scorecard an item that is old, search for the item in the category and at the end of the search list will be expired advertisements. Once you have retrieved the item advertisement, you can scorecard it in the normal way.

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