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Advertising Hints

Pricing an item

  1. When pricing an item, have regard to the time you would like it to sell. If it is overpriced, fewer people will take the time to make further enquires. To sell it fast, price it keenly.
  2. What is it worth?
    If your item is used, find out what the current retail price is for an equivalent item new? Discount the current retail price by at least 20%. Increase the discount if it is damaged or uses obsolete technology for parts replacement.
  3. Use the Recycle Build website to find out what other similar items are selling for. Check the expired items pages as these items have most likely sold.

Choosing categories

  1. Items can be placed in up to three categories. There is little reason to place an item in a category if it does not really belong there. It will only clog up the ad space and annoy genuine buyers. Choose categories wisely and if the item only suits one or two categories it is far more effective to choose these only.
  2. If you think that we have missed a category, please contact the administrators of the website so we can consider adding a new category for you.

Writing a description

  1. Start with the most important information. This would be the type, make and model. For most building materials the dimensions including length, width and depth are very important including the material it is constructed out of. If it is timber, what type? If it is a window frame, is it timber or aluminium? If your photo doesn’t show some features of the item, describe it. Include details such as the weight. If your item has technological features, include its functions. If your item has an unexpired warranty, detail the expiring date. Describe the condition of the item. Is it damaged? Is it in excellent condition?
  2. There is a question and answer function on the advertisement. Interested buyers will ask questions. You can edit an items advertisement at any time to include the answers to common questions in the description of the item.

Contact details

  1. If it is difficult for a customer to contact you, they may not keep trying. Give as many contact number as you feel comfortable with. You may only get one chance to make the sale.
  2. Use a contact phone number that allows the buyer to contact you directly, rather than a phone contact that may be answered by someone who does not about the item.
  3. Check your email regularly and respond promptly. Delays lower the likelihood they will remain interested.
  4. If you provide your email address on your advertisement it may get 'spammed'. Try to install some spam filter software.

Buyers Viewing Activity

  1. The ‘My Account, Account Overview’ page has a section called ‘Activity Status’. The detail displayed includes the average number of views your advertising has had.

    If your ads on average have had many viewings, but you have not been getting the direct enquiry or a sale, the item description or photo may need reviewing or maybe you need to adjust the asking price.

Hints for Buying Safely

  1. Most online scams are conducted via email only so try to speak to the seller directly.
  2. It is strongly advised that you inspect your goods prior to purchase.
  3. This website operates locally and does not operate outside of Australia. Do NOT send money overseas.
  4. If you suspect a scam please report it to the website administrators.

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